Can a Chipped Porcelain Veneer Be Repaired?

Saturday, June 25, 2022 - 12:00am
Can a Chipped Porcelain Veneer Be Repaired?
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A porcelain veneer can be a great option to help you perfect the look of your smile and get them to look amazing. They can look like regular teeth, fixing gaps and broken teeth in no time. And they are also durable. But they are not meant to last forever. At some point, one is likely to chip or break a bit, and you may wonder whether you can repair a chipped porcelain veneer.

It is possible to fix a chipped porcelain veneer. The dentist will be able to fix the veneer for you when you come in. Make sure to bring the broken part of the porcelain veneer with you so that the shade and color of the veneer can be matched more easily. Even without this piece, your dentist will help you to handle the chipped porcelain veneer to ensure that you have the beautiful smile that you are looking for. 

While veneers can look amazing and do wonders when it comes to fixing your teeth, you need to make sure that you take good care of them to get them to last a long time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that you can repair a chipped porcelain veneer.

Can I Repair My Porcelain Veneer?

Many of the porcelain veneers that you can get at the dentist's office can be repaired. If you have a chi or a crack that is not too large, you will be able to work with a specialized resin that will help repair the veneer and make it look as good as new. If the veneer is broken quite a bit more, the dentist may need to spend some time making a new veneer to ensure that it matches well.

When the veneer is broken, you will need to visit the dentist. They will take the time to examine the damaged veneer. They can also clean the area around the veneer and then apply the resin to the area that has been damaged. The goal is to work the resin in a way that will match the color and style of the veneer. When the repair work is done, it is nearly impossible to see a difference from the existing veneer.

When Should I Repair My Veneers?

Your dental veneers are going to be a great way to take care of your smile and ensure that it will look good for a long time to come. When something goes wrong with them, you will need to get them taken care of as soon as possible. Something small can quickly turn into a big problem, and if you ignore it, you may need to replace the whole veneer.

Once you notice that there is a crack or chip in the porcelain veneer, it is time to get it fixed up as soon as possible. If there is anything that looks different about the veneer or it starts to ruin the look of your smile, then you need to consider whether it is time for a trip to the dentist’s office. They can take a look at the veneer and come up with the right solution to help you get the veneer looking as good as new.

When Should I Replace My Veneers?

While there are many situations where you will be able to repair the veneer when it gets chipped, there will be times when a repair is not possible. You may need to replace the dental part instead. If the dentist takes a look at the damage and notices that the dental resin isn’t going to be enough to adequately repair the veneer, then they may ask that you replace the veneer and get a new one to go in its place.

If this is the route that you and the dentist choose to go in, they will help you measure the teeth to ensure that the veneer is a perfect fit. They can then work with you to construct the right veneer to replace the old one. You will need to come in for a few visits, one to get measured and one to get the old veneer removed before you add on the new one. Once the veneer is in place, you will be able to use it as your normal teeth.

Taking Care of Your Smile

It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your smile looks amazing. If you have veneers in place, they are designed to last a long time, but this doesn’t mean that damage can’t occur on them either. When there is a chip or crack in the veneer, a visit to your dentist can get the problem taken care of and will bring back the beautiful smile that you need.

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