What is the Typical Cost for Water Damage Restoration?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - 2:45pm
What is the Typical Cost for Water Damage Restoration?
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Water damage is nefarious and multifaceted, rearing up any time rain or shine. Costs can range a lot depending on the level of damage needed to be fixed. Before we jump on overall costs, lets look at all the different types of water damage that are most common.

What are the types of water damage?

Water damage can come in many forms, with damage to the ceiling through a leaky roof pretty common. Outright damage through even minor flooding to the basement, floors, drywall, and so forth can also be a considerable problem. Burst pipes or leaky plumbing can cause damage too.

Tell me more about ceiling water damage.

On average you can expect to do minor repairs on the roof or ceiling at around $800, with a full removal and replacement costing significantly more. Minor repairs include replacing missing or damaged shingles, messed up flashing, or ice dams breaking apart the roof.

What about basement damage?

Basements can get water damage through clogged gutters, sewage backups, and even flooding. Repair costs can vary depending on the level of damage sustained, with the average being anywhere from $500 to $1500, with even higher costs accruing depending on the size.

Drywall is cheap and easy to replace right?

While less than other forms of damage, it still requires significant skill to cut out and replace drywall. To make matters worse, damage isn’t typically a small spot either, with the average costs going easily over $500.

What about damage to my floors?

Tile is typically impervious to water damage depending on the level of permeability of it, while laminate and carpet soak up the liquid and cause significant damage to the subfloor. Repair of this nature averages between $200 to $500.

Damage by burst pipe is probably costly.

You’re right about that! Expect to drop around a grand on plumbing problems. Burst pipes in particular are nasty and are typically caused by either clogging inside or freezing coming from the outside. Even something as basic as a leaky faucet can create bigger problems later.

So taken altogether, how much can I expect to pay for water damage restoration?

If you have multiple areas of damage either caused by leaky roofing, burst piping, or natural disaster you can expect to pay around $2700 on average. The larger the area damaged and the longer it sits, the worse the damage can become.

What are some dangers of prolonged water damage?

If water is not cleaned up in a timely manner, then you can expect an increased chance for mold and mildew growth, rotting of wood, stains, sparks that can cause a fire from exposed electrical outlets, along with the spread of bacteria and diseases.

So what do I do if I discover any water damage?

You need to act fast and quickly. Turn off any power in the room or area of the damage to prevent electrical fires and move any important items like artwork, pictures, and electronics. You should also open any windows you can to help air out the area.

Is there anything else I should do?

Yes, make sure to get rid of any soft furnishings in the room and dry them outside - such as rugs, pillows, or drapes. Mop up as much of the water as you can, wipe down any walls and furniture with moisture on them, and open everything up to dry it out.

Okay so I’ve done that and called the professionals, what can I expect?

Every building is different and is often a multi-phase process. Restoration experts will comb through your home and create a work plan to best tackle your dilemma quickly. On the day of the restoration, many tools will be brought in to assist in removing the water.

How do they remove the water exactly?

Vacuums suck the majority of the water out. From here, dehumidifiers and fans are brought in to suck out any moisture in the air and circulate it. Movable items like furniture, rugs, and other items will be taken off the property and dried separately. Deodorizing and sanitation will come last.

How do companies charge for restoration?

You can expect your typical water damage restoration experts to charge per square foot for initial cleaning. Clear water starts at around $3.75, gray water at $4.50, and black water shoots up to $7.00. Extra costs may accrue depending on how much foundation damage you have.

Is there anything else I should know?

Water damage can come in many forms ranging from the basement to roof. Costs for individual pieces of damage are usually just a few hundred dollars, but can quickly balloon if there are multiple areas hit by water. If you discover damage in your home make sure to act fast.










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