What Is an SEO Consultant? What Do They Do?

Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 8:42pm
What Is an SEO Consultant? What Do They Do?
This post was written with the expertise of Caseo LTD, a company that provides SEO in Toronto, Ontario.

The internet is a fast-growing machine moving at a rapid speed and every day there are millions of more websites being created. Now more than ever, being at the top of your industry is getting harder and harder as the competition is getting fierce. One thing that is very important is to be ranked high on Google searches. Why, you may ask?

As a business owner, it’s crucial to be on the top Google searches because this means that your company is getting a lot of traffic, customers, and most importantly, leads, which in the end turns into revenue. But the only way to get to the top is by Search Engine Optimization. 

The only problem is that you do not have the time, nor patience to do SEO yourself, so what do you do? You might be thinking it’s a great time to hire an SEO consultant, as they should know what to do. But what is a SEO consultant, what do they do, and how can they help you and your business rise to the top of the Google ranks?

What Is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is an expert on search engine optimization. They are paid by businesses, companies, or website owners to give advice on how to get higher rankings, more traffic, and more revenue for their websites. Before hiring an SEO expert, make sure they have a lot of experience in on-page SEO and off-site SEO.

Bad SEO practices can harm your site, business, and ultimately affect the viewers who are seeing your site. Hiring an SEO expert can save you time, as they have the experience and knowledge and they will keep up with the changes, Avoid expensive mistakes, and analyze the results. Todd also stated that it’s essential to do it correctly if you want to realize the full benefit of your expenditure.

What Do SEO Consultants Do?

Basic SEO services will put procedures in place that make your site look more attractive. The content that is being delivered onto the site needs to be relevant and something that has not been said before in order to attract and retain visitors. SEO consultants provide the information needed to their clients to help optimize their search engines.

What Is an SEO Service Provider?

SEO services help to ensure your site is optimized for search engines, which increases your chances to be highly ranked. According to Vangie Beal from Webopedia, different SEO service providers offer a wide range of services such as keyword and key phrase optimization and research, technical website SEO audits, optimization of specific pages, and much more. The different tasks are associated and pinned to each business or company owner’s individual needs.

What Are an SEO Specialist's Responsibilities?

SEO consultants are hired to take on the responbilities of helping you gain the most traffic to your site. They have lots of responsibilities and when choosing the right SEO consultant, make sure you know what advantages and disadvantages are there. Some of the SEO consultant responsibilities should include web page optimization, keyword research and analysis, keyword mapping, and attaining higher rankings on Google searches. An SEO consultant could also specialize in local SEO, the trends associated with SEO, and improving your website content.

Choosing the Right SEO Consultant

So now after everything you have taken into consideration, the most difficult part is choosing the right SEO consultant. This can be a challenge because there are a lot of companies and individuals to choose from. They also specialize in different industries and in different SEO strategies, which can end good or bad, but the worst one of all is knowing that there is a chance that you might hire someone who is not equipped for the job.

According to Betsy Mclead from Blue Corona, there are five tips that can help you find the right consultant for your business and site. She then went on to say to make sure to be clear on your SEO goals, find an SEO company that tracks your data, get SEO company reviews and testimonials, schedule a consultation, and set your budget. These five tips will help you define what you are looking for and if your SEO consultant or company is the right fit for you.

Find the Right SEO Consultant for You

There are many SEO consultants that can help provide you the information you need. They can also help you increase your website rankings, as some specialize in different industries or niches. Optimizing an online store is different from optimizing a portfolio or business. Making sure to find the right consultant but also researching their work can help you in choosing the right consultant for the job.

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