Plastic Surgery For Your Love Handles (Five Things You Should)

Monday, February 1, 2021 - 3:49pm
plastic surgery tampa This post was written with the expertise of Landon Plastic Surgery, a specialist that provides plastic surgery in Tampa, Florida.

It’s the trouble area both women and men face. You eat right, drink enough water and exercise. From leg lifts to planks to squats, you’ve tried it all.

Yet your love handles simply won’t go away.

Whether you call it love handles, muffin top, flanks or spare tire, it’s often an area that brings you frustration and disappointment. For women, curves are in and that unwanted excess can get you down.

Hey, you look great just the way you are. But if you’ve tried everything and still aren’t seeing the results you desire, perhaps you may be interested in plastic surgery.

Now before you go all, “well that’s totally not for me,” plastic surgery procedures can actually be an easier process than what you think.

Here, we share five things that you should know about getting plastic surgery for those annoying love handles.

1. You Have Different Options.

Easing that muffin top with plastic surgery doesn’t have to mean invasive and extensive. In fact, you have a variety of options that could fit into what you’re looking to achieve.

There is a range of treatment options for you to choose from. Minimally-invasive includes treatments like fat-freezing. More invasive plastic surgery options include procedures like liposuction. With increased technology and research, this range of options allows you to choose what you want.

Each type has different appeals and unique disadvantages that may make one option better than another. Before you jump right into the most expensive procedure, be sure you do your research and know what’s right for you.

2. Liposuction Is Most Invasive But Has Impressive Results

Are you all in on reducing your love handles? If you are serious about your decision to incorporate plastic surgery into your solution, check out liposuction. While it is the more invasive procedure compared to other options, it also can make a big difference in your body shape.

Body Integrative Contouring, liposuction brings results that last. Depending on your choice of plastic surgeon, you may undergo local anesthetic or be knocked out. Recovery times also vary depending on the invasiveness of the procedure.

During liposuction, a tube, called a cannula, is inserted into the fat layer of your back. That tube is moved back and forth across your back, breaking up fat cells. Those cells are then suctioned out of your body.

In liposuction, fat cells are literally suctioned out of your body, just like that.

Another plus of liposuction is that it’s often a more permanent change than merely diet and exercise. Fat cells are removed by liposuction. And when those cells are taken out and gone, they’ll hopefully never return.

3. Actual Surgery Isn’t Always Necessary

If you’re not down for going under a knife, there are options for you too to get rid of your love handles. Non-surgical treatments bring great results without the invasive aspect of surgery. There are many of these options. These procedures include using techniques such as lasers and wavelengths to reduce fat.

Fat-freezing using cooling plates has also grown in popularity. According to an article by Linda So, Coolsculpting is a new trend. This procedure works to destroy fat cells and helps to sculpt your body. The article also notes how there is no discomfort and the recovery process is much smoother.

4. Results of Procedures Vary Based on Your Gender

Especially when it comes to liposuction, the results of plastic surgery are different for women than for men.

For women, plastic surgery highlights their feminine figure.

For men, surgery creates a V shape in the back and brings a more fit appearance.

5. Before Treatments, Talk With a Professional

If your love handles have been bothering you for a while now, it may be tempting to just jump right into a treatment option. But first, it’s important to talk with a certified plastic surgeon professional. He or she will be able to provide insight into all the details of the options you have.

He or she will calm your worries and answer your questions of exactly what each procedure entails. Since each option has both advantages and drawbacks, it’s important to know as much as you can about a procedure before committing.

When you’ve tried diet and exercise with no luck in slimming your love handles, perhaps plastic surgery may be for you.

Whether you’re looking for an invasive or non-invasive remedy to alleviate those love handles, there’s an option for you. By knowing your options and discussing those with a professional, you can be on your way to feeling more confident and fit.

If you’re interested in using a plastic surgery treatment to slim your sides, talk with a certified professional today. He or she can help you in determining what options are best for you.

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