How do I Get Medicare in Florida?

Friday, April 30, 2021 - 12:00am
How do I Get Medicare in Florida?
This post was written with the expertise of MedicareFAQ, a company that provides information about Medicare in Florida.

Medicare in Florida is a great option to use to help keep your medical costs low without having to pay a high premium on insurance. This is set up for those who reach the age of 65 and older to make sure they can get the healthcare that they need as they age. But many may wonder how they can get Medicare when they are ready while living in Florida.

You can get Medicare in Florida when you turn 65. If you already receive social security benefits, you will automatically begin to receive this insurance when you turn 65. If you do not take out your social security benefits, you can choose to apply through your local social security office when you turn 65, or you can work with a private insurance company to get the coverage you need.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways that you are able to get Medicare in Florida and some of the steps that you should take to start receiving this insurance.  

Automatically When Receiving Social Security

When you turn 65 years old, you will automatically start receiving Medicare if you are already receiving Social Security. If you decide to get Social Security when you are 65, you will be able to sign up for and receive Medicare at the same time to make things easier.

Keep in mind the type of Medicare that you will receive when you are automatically enrolled. You will be enrolled in just Part A and Part B. Part A is responsible for any of the hospital visits that you need and Part B will be responsible for visits to the doctor and some of the outpatient things you need done.

Many people choose to get Part D as well. This helps to pay for some of the prescriptions that they may need throughout the year. It is up to you whether to add this on, but it is not part of the original Medicare plan that you are automatically enrolled in. Once you are enrolled, you will have a premium, which is only $13.17 a month for the insurance in Florida. The medication deductible will be $111 a month in this state, which is significantly lower than what you will pay in other states.

Applying for It When You Turn 65

If you decide to wait to get your social security until you reach 70, then you will not be automatically enrolled into the Medicare plans. You are still eligible for them, you will just need to take a few extra steps to get the insurance that you need since this will not be done automatically for you.

You can start applying for this up to three months before the month of your birthday. Once you enter into that window of time, you can contact your closest Social Security office to discuss the steps you need to take to receive Medicare. They will walk you through the process and let you know what to do. You need to decide at this point whether you just want the Original Medicare that is usually offered, or if you would like to add Part D or any other supplemental insurance at this time.

Using a Private Insurance Company

Another option to choose is to work with a private insurance company. You will need to discuss some of the plans and pick the right one for you, which means there is a little more work to the process than just letting social security take over it for you. However, there are a few benefits to choosing this method.

First, if you are 65 and have not taken out social security because you want to delay it and get a larger amount each month, then you may decide to work with private insurance to help take care of the insurance. These plans are often easier to work with, putting Part A and Part B into one plan together rather than separating them out as social security may do.

In some cases, using a private company will actually save you money. They will be able to offer lower prices depending on where you live and the coverage that you want. While Original Medicare is often inexpensive, when you add some of the supplemental insurance, like dental and vision, it can get expensive, even in Florida. Some individuals decide to go with a private insurance company to save money.

It is always a good idea to weigh all your options to make sure that you are getting all the coverage that you need without having to spend too much money. The good news is that Medicare prices in Florida are affordable so you will be able to get more insurance for a lower price than you can find in other areas of the country.

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