How To Design A Front Yard Without Grass

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 5:41pm
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Have you ever wondered how to design a yard without any grass? Well, of course, you have! That is why you made it here! Below are some ways on how you can design your front yard without any grass. Let’s take a look below right now to see which way is best!

Consider A Courtyard.

Have you ever been to an apartment complex or even a very nice hotel? Most of them have what is called a courtyard. They are a place to rest and relax while enjoying being outside. Not only is it a way to decorate and design your front yard, it does not require any grass.

Here is how it is done:

  • Mark off your area. - It is important to know where you want the courtyard placed. You do not want to build it where you will be driving unless you path a disguised area for your vehicle to drive down.This can be done by adding different color bricks to the path.
  • Set the base for the bricks. - You will need to dig down about 6 inches before you decided to start putting bricks down. This is important because you want a smooth surface when building your courtyard for everything to turn out as it should.
  • B Layers are important.-  After you have dug 6 inches and then compact the soil you can put down a layer of crusher run. This should come up to 3 inches. Make sure that it is raked over and even.
  • Lay Your concrete.- Putting a layer of concrete before you lay your bricks is a way to ensure that they will stay in place. With rain and other elements, it can cause shifting. A layer of concrete will prevent this.

After the bricks are laid you can put patio furniture or potted plants to decorate the area. Before building, you can even incorporate ways to put in some steps This may require more digging but it does add its own touch to the look.

For more information or tips on how to build a courtyard, you can visit

How About A Touch Of Water?

Another great way that you can design a front yard without grass is to lay some patio stone. What looks best with that? A water fountain. Have you ever seen little goldfish in a pond when approaching someone’s front door? Ok, well you can do without the fish if you would like.

Here Are Some Tips When Laying Patio Stone:

  • Make sure that it covers the entire area smoothly. You do not want in open dirt areas.
  • Be certain to make sure the steps to your home are done in the same stone or at least a different material such as wood so they do not clash.
  • Place the water fountain in the center or at least a side sight as you are approaching your front door.

Water fountains are a lovely touch when laying down patio stone. Be sure to consider it. You can take a look at some more water fountains including how much they cost at

What About Mulch?

You may be thinking that mulch would look terrible covering your front yard, but when placed just right with the right amount of stone, you may have found yourself a nicely designed from a yard. This takes away the need for grass cutting and can cost way less. The downside is that the mulch will need to be changed once a year to keep its bright appearance.

Here is how to mulch your front yard.

  • Mark off what you want to be mulched.
  • Save room for stepping stones.- This provides an easy path to walk along and adds a very nice look to the mulch. They compliment each other well.
  • Lay your mulch about an inch or two thick.

You may want to add some flowers to the mulch in certain areas. This will make them pop out even more with a red mulch layer underneath them.

The Choices Are Endless.

No matter if you are choosing a brick courtyard or mulched paths. A yard can be greatly designed without any grass. If you are choosing a stone or rocky front yard this is great. You will not have to worry about cutting grass or ant bed piles anymore. You can find more design ideas all over the internet. Hopefully, you may fall in love with one of these designs here.

If you are interested in seeing some really inventive ways to design your front yard without grass you can check out this information youtube video. Hopefully, all of your questions were answered and you find a design that fits your budget and your yard just the way that you want it.Thanks for reading!

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