Are You Supposed to Tip a Locksmith?

Friday, December 6, 2019 - 1:45pm
Are You Supposed to Tip a Locksmith?

It can be hard to know who you should tip. Sometimes, tips are expected. Other times, they aren’t. It can also be challenging to know how much to tip. Should you tip a locksmith? Most people don’t use a locksmith often, so they do not know whether to tip. Here’s everything you should know about tipping a locksmith.

Are You Supposed to Tip a Locksmith?

A locksmith can help with all kinds of lock issues. This includes house locks, car locks, and more. Because of their hard work, you may think they deserve a tip. You can choose to tip a locksmith if you want to. It is not required though.

In most cases, home services are not tipped. Locksmith work is included in that. The same is true of plumbers and electricians. Most people do not tip plumbers and electricians.

This is because these service providers are not relying on tips. They make their wages without tips. Most locksmiths do not expect tips. They make sure they make enough money from the cost of their services.

Tips are appreciated by any service provider. It is a nice gesture to tip a locksmith. A little extra money can go a long way. Plus, it shows that you appreciate their hard work. Locksmiths are not going to ask for tips from you though. The choice is yours.

When Might You Tip a Locksmith?

There are certain situations where it makes sense to tip a locksmith. If it is a holiday, you might tip a locksmith. If there is bad weather, your locksmith would appreciate a tip. Consider tipping in situations like these. You might also tip if the locksmith is particularly friendly, helpful, or skilled.

You might tip a locksmith on an ordinary job. This is up to you and it is not required.

How Much Should You Tip a Locksmith?

If you choose to tip a locksmith, 15 to 20% is a good amount. This is standard for most services. As mentioned, tipping is not necessary.

15% is the right tip for most jobs. 20% is a great tip for emergency jobs.

Do Locksmiths Make Enough Money Without Tips?

When locksmiths or their businesses set their pricing, they are not expecting to get tips. They set the costs at the right amount so they can make enough money. If locksmiths needed to make more, they would raise their prices.

According to PayScale, tipping only accounts for 3% of a locksmith’s salary. Locksmiths may be paid per hour or on a fixed rate.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Locksmith?

The average cost is $181. Depending on the job, it may cost more or less. Some jobs are more difficult than others. The lowest reported cost is $59. The highest is $300. This varies by the reason you need the locksmith.

This varies by the job you are having done. Before hiring a locksmith, you should get a quote. This can help you to know what to expect. Be somewhat flexible. The job might end up being more work than the locksmith anticipated.

What Can You Do to Show Your Appreciation?

If you are happy with your locksmith’s work, be sure to express that to them. Let them know in person before they leave. Then, you might consider spreading the word. You can do this by leaving online reviews. Yelp and Google are good places to start. You could also refer friends and family to the locksmith.

This will allow the locksmith to get more business and keep doing their job well. This then benefits the locksmith and anyone who takes your suggestions.

Do Locksmiths Usually Get Tips?

Whether a locksmith gets tipped or not depends on the job. According to Field Service Digital, locksmiths are less likely to receive tips on emergency jobs. This is likely because of the higher cost of emergency jobs.

Customers may be hesitant to tip because locksmiths work so quickly. It may take a locksmith just a few minutes to unlock your door. Service providers get greater tips if they appear to be working harder. Movers are an example of this. Because locksmiths work fast, customers do not think to tip them. Movers are usually hauling furniture and breaking a sweat.

Locksmiths do not get tipped often because it is not required. Plus, customers often do not think to tip them.


Tipping a locksmith is not necessary. It can be a nice gesture in certain situations. This includes bad weather, holidays, and difficult tasks. If you choose to tip, stick with 15 to 20%. Locksmiths do not expect tips when they set their prices. If they needed to make more, they would raise their prices. Most people do not tip locksmiths.


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