The 5 Types of Malware

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 11:04am
5 Types of Malware
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Common Causes for Your Computer to Crash

So, your computer is “acting up”. There can be several different reasons for that. I understand the frustration that comes when you cannot access your computer. Our computer systems can be used for work or leisure time. Either way, they are an investment, and no one wants to be blocked out something we have put time or money in. Here are some common causes.

Number One: The Trojan Horse.

The Trojan Horse is malicious but represents itself as something that can be of use. This is very tricky considering most people get these forms of Malware by trying to better their computer system. Below are some common characteristics of a Trojan Horse.

  • Deadly on computers.
  • Provides cybercriminals access to personal information.
  • Can be used to introduce viruses.
  • Gives access to financial information.
  • Are used to install keyloggers.


Number Two: The Keyloggers.

Keyloggers are a form of software that was created to capture all information put into a computer by a keyboard. Other forms of input are not at risk. So, you must use a manual keyboard to have your information recorded. The purpose of recording the information is as follows:

  • Access to a credit card or bank information.
  • Access to other accounts.
  • To retrieve username and passwords.


Number Three: RansomWare.

Ransomware can be one of the deadliest forms of malware your computer can encounter. It literally takes captivity of your device until a ransom has been paid. Once paid, your device may or may not be freed from the ransomware. Some common characteristics of Ransomware are below.

  • Deny’s access to a computer or certain programs.
  • Can encrypt files.
  • Requires ransom money without guarantee.
  • Known as digital extortion.


Number Four: Worm Malware.

Worms are stand-alone software. They reproduce quickly. Wait, did I say reproduce…I mean they replicate. They do eat through your programs just like worms eat through leaves though, hence the name. Here are some common things worms do.

  • They come in their own containers. (Does not attach to any other files like virus’ do.)
  • Eat at operating system files until the files become completely empty.
  • Relies on security failure to operate.
  • They come in the form of emails usually.


Number Five: Viruses.

There are a several viruses’ out there that can crash your computer. With virus protectors in place, they have less of a chance. Don’t ever become vulnerable because they are quick to invade your computer. There are three common types of viruses that can wreak havoc.

File Infectors​
Infects any file usable by Windows

Macro Viruses
Runs inside specific programs causing them to become disabled.

Boot Infectors.
Causes issues with booting your computer.


Other Kinds of Computer Infection.

Another infectious program is Gray Ware. It is not considered to be Malware but should be noted. It usually infects your computer with a bunch of unwanted programs and ads. They take up a lot of space and can be difficult to remove because they are continuously downloading more and more content.


This one is easy to explain what it does simply by its name, Spyware. It spies on you. It monitors everything you do on your computer to send ads. They can take and sell or send your information to other sources without your consent. (Not that they would ask considering you don’t want them on your computer in the first place!)


These are those annoying pop-ups. The only issue is they won’t close. They stay on your screen and you cannot shut them down with any windows program. They are not harmful for the most part, just super annoying.


Some Final Tips.

The above malware can be harmful to your computer. No one wants to deal with any intrusive content or even worse, risk getting their information stolen. I have linked a website here to provide some tips on what to avoid to prevent getting any malware on your computer that may be causing it to crash.

 Another great thing to remember is to avoid websites that carry malware. Websites can be infected with them and the second you enter that site they immediately start infecting your computer. There is a website that gives 5 tips on how to avoid these websites and getting malware on your computer. You can find the link here.

 Its always good to do your research and know how to protect your device. The worst thing to have happen is not just your computer crashing but your identity being stolen. That is on the rise and more people are becoming victims every day. You can read about identity theft at Identity Theft USA GOV.

Last Thing Before You Go.

 Always have your computer protected with some form of reputable protection. The best way to fix damage to your computer and files is to prevent it.

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